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Our Vision

A technologically advanced sustainable planet.

Vedrus Energy Inc

Our Mission

Leading the quest to energise the world as the trusted sustainability partner creating valued, single-sourced, efficient energy solutions delivered with passion and expertise.

Vedrus Energy Inc

Our Values

  • Technological evolution by way of innovation, teamwork, and relentless focus on customer satisfaction.
  • Caring remains at the centre of the organisation's culture.



  • To maintain a workplace environment with at least 40% of each gender.
  • To ensure ethnic minorities make up at least 50% of our organization.
  • Create a workplace that recognizes and respects individual differences such as gender, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation and disability.
  • Our organization values respect, integrity and accountability. We are committed to treating everyone in a respectful manner to foster dignity and equality.
  • We have established an “open door” policy that gives everyone access to express their opinions without fear. We have strong anti-discrimination and diversity policy in place.

“Diversity is a bouquet 💐, tied together by Inclusion and the fragrance is a smarter and more  productive organization!”…



Vedrus Energy Inc

Vedrus Energy INC provides its customers opportunity to collaborate in reducing carbon emission with zero emission electrical products and energy storage while supporting essential grid services.

We are the Canadian partners introducing LTO (Lithium-Titanate-Oxide nano-crystals) cell based technology . LTO batteries addresses the issue of thermal runaway and thus making them the safest batteries available. They are non-toxic and non-volatile and can be the right substitutions for chemical batteries.

Vedrus Energy INC is the certified distributor and stockists of Zenaji Pty Ltd. Australia here in Canada. We provide management solutions for off grid locations for commercial and residential use. As well as solar, wind and telecommunication applications.

How we make a difference?

The current industrial trend in energy storage is the use of lithium- ion technology (LiPo, LEP, NMC) which is dangerous due to Thermal runaway, uneconomical due to short and declining life cycle and expensive overtime. Our LTO battery technology do not contain carbon in its cells hence are safe to our environment.

We are focused on moving towards an environmentally friendly option. Our option is practical, sustainable, and cost-effective.

Vedrus Energy Inc